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How To Help: Volunteer

At the Center for Caregiver Training, we rely on our friends in the community who help lead us — and make a real difference in the lives of caregivers. As a volunteer, you'll have the opportunity to use your skills, develop new ones, and enjoy yourself while contributing to vital community work.

The people who know us best, support us the most. We encourage everyone to attend one of our free classes before volunteering.

If you would like to volunteer at CCT, please read the list of opportunities that follows. If you find something that interests you, please email us to arrange an interview.

Volunteer Training & Benefits

We'll provide you with the training you need, either in groups or one-on-one with CCT staff or a Board member.

All volunteers will have the opportunity to enhance the lives of our Bay Area neighbors living with a life-threatening illness — and their families, friends and partners who are helping them. CCT's volunteers can learn new skills, and master them through 'hands on' experience on real projects. And we welcome the opportunity to champion our volunteers whenever possible (through professional references, community contacts, etc.)

Descriptions of Volunteer Opportunities

NOTE: if you have a special interest, skill, or talent that is not listed, please let us know. We'll find a meaningful role for you at CCT.

Board of Directors
Provide leadership, program & financial oversight to the agency. Help raise money, and ensure the smooth operation of CCT's caregiver training programs. Provide expert-level advice in one or more of the following disciplines: organizational management, financial management/accounting; public relations, marketing; law; volunteer recruitment and training, fund raising, special events, community outreach, health care, AIDS, cancer, or elder care. Two year term. Two hour meetings every month. Estimated time commitment: 4-6 hours per month.

Advisory Board
Offer leadership and expertise to promote CCT and our training programs for caregivers. Provide advice, strategies, feedback, and contacts to improve, promote and publicize programs; develop strategic alliances; and raise money. Most work will be conducted via phone with agency staff and the Board of Directors. One year term. Two two-hour meetings annually. Estimated time commitment: two hours per month.

Volunteer faculty members are currently needed to present CAREGIVING 101 classes. Working professionals are sought, especially those with expertise in AIDS care and Oncology, including: Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Pharmacists, Nutritionists, Discharge Planners, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Lawyers, and Funeral Directors. Estimated time commitment: two to four hours per month.

Community Outreach
Contact Bay Area service providers to establish working relationships with CCT. Identify key contacts and collect data to help CCT reach more caregivers through referrals by professional colleagues. Represent CCT at community events and conferences to discuss programs, answer questions, and distribute literature. Time commitment requested: four to eight hours per month for six months.

Internet Research & Outreach
Help CCT identify useful web sites and establish links to and from CCT's web site. Research internet resources that can promote CCT's mission and services. Collect information on funding opportunities within foundations and corporations. Time commitment requested: four to eight hours per month for six months. NOTE: Much of this work can be done from home.

Identify and pursue free and low-cost publicity opportunities to promote CCT's training programs for caregivers. Develop feature story ideas and pitch them to local reporters. Develop radio PSA scripts and place them with Bay Area stations. Pursue and schedule on-air interviews with CCT staff, Board, and former students. Time commitment requested: four to eight hours per month, for six months.

Public Relations / Marketing
Identify low-cost strategies to promote CCT's free training classes for caregivers. Review agency's promotional materials and recommend enhancements. Develop marketing strategies to reach more caregivers and increase the agency's overall profile in the community. Time commitment requested: four to eight hours per month, for six months.

Web Site Maintenance
Maintain CCT's web site, so that information remains timely and accurate. Update class schedules. Add new links to other internet resources. Time commitment requested: four to eight hours per month for six months.

Training Program Support
Assist CCT's Founder, and Clinical Director, in setting up and delivering free classes for caregivers. Duties may include follow-up phone calls, student registration, information packet preparation and mailing, purchase/setup of refreshments, etc. Time commitment requested: eight hours per month, for six months.

Office Support
Assist CCT's staff in the daily operation of the office. Duties are varied and can be tailored to the skills and interests of individual volunteers. Time commitment requested: four hours per week, for three months.

Grant Writing
Write funding proposals and letters of inquiry to foundations and corporations on behalf of CCT and its training programs. Research funding opportunities within foundations and corporations. Will work under the supervision of CCT's Executive Director, and learn grant writing “hands on.” Time commitment requested: eight hours per month.

Graphic Design
Design and produce high quality print materials to support CCT and our caregiver training programs. Materials may include leaflets, advertisements, training materials, or web content. Help identify and pursue free and low-cost services from Bay Area printers. Time commitment will vary from project to project.

Special Events
Help CCT design, develop and run special community events that will raise money from the general public. Help organize CCT's Annual Caregiver Reunion (held in November). Team players with enthusiasm, strong customer service skills, and strong ties to professional, social or neighborhood groups are especially welcomed. Time commitment will vary from event to event.

CCT is developing an internship program. We welcome inquiries from colleges and universities, job training programs, community service organizations, and individual volunteers. For more information, please email us.