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Are you working with seriously ill clients in the San Francisco Bay Area? Do you need some concrete strategies to help people who are sick — and their loved ones.Consider scheduling an in-service training by the Center for Caregiver Training.

In-service training consists of short lectures (60 - 90 minutes) on specific caregiver topics — followed by discussions on the real issues you face every day.

Three very popular lectures are described below, or we can develop a customized presentation for your organization.

Managing Symptoms and Side Effects
Teaches people with no medical training the practical steps they can take to manage nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, fatigue, insomnia, and pain.

Building a Personal Support Team that Will Last
Provides a step-by-step plan for how to recruit, organize, manage, and nurture a team to support a loved one living with a serious illness at home.

Navigating the Medical Care System
Offers an insider's view on how to get quality care at a doctor's office, clinic, hospital, or emergency room. The role of each medical team member (doctor, nurse, social worker, etc.) is discussed. Students learn “who does what”, and how to use each medical team member most effectively.

COST: our standard fee for a 60-90 minute lecture is $250, which includes the cost of training materials. When possible, we provide FREE lectures for small, cash-strapped organizations.

WHO should attend: these lectures are designed to serve non-professional caregivers (families, friends, partners), community volunteers, and colleagues within social service agencies and communities of faith.

WHAT is the purpose: to help people learn how to work with a medical team to maintain health, manage health care, and secure high quality services within a complex medical care system.

WHERE: classes can be held at your workplace, or at a local site you select.

WHEN: “brown bag lunches” (between noon and 2 pm) or weekday evenings (between 6-8 pm) are most popular.

WHY: because caregivers need to know what they can do to make living with serious illness easier.

Email us today to schedule a training for your organization